Wednesday, July 16, 2008

303 REVIEW : ‘ The Song Fest ‘

‘ The Song Fest ‘

Cast : Margaret Tu Chuan, Chiao Chuang
Director :


The son of a royal family came in between a passionate tea picker and a charming fisherman who had fallen for each other since young. When he made a marriage proposal to the pretty tea picker, she challenged him to a singing competition where the winner would be the bridegroom-to-be …

A simple love story, filled with many varied wonderful music ( both huang mei diao and san ker ) and gorgeous shots of scenic Sun Moon Lake ( Taiwan ), makes this a great spectacular classic not to be missed. The singing competition between the tea-picker and her suitors is just fantastic, bizarre and hilarious… although the movie is rather a short one, running time only 1 hr 15 mins ….

Rating : 4 stars of 5


Diane said...

歌词美秒,风景美丽,演员天真活泼, 实在很好看的一部电影片 ,男女用音乐对答,很有趣味!黄梅调与山歌合意,多么精彩呀!

terence said...

Shaw Brothers obviously had big plans for Margaret Tu Chuan when they cast her in the lead role.But LIly Ho who doesn't have any speaking lines in this movie will eclipse her just a few years later. That's showbiz!