Wednesday, July 16, 2008

302 SB ROMANCE : ‘ Sorrow Of The Gentry ‘

‘ Sorrow Of The Gentry ‘

Cast : Li Ching , Yueh Hua , Ling Yun , Ching Li , Tsung Hua , Wang Ping
Director : Chu Yuan


A tragic tale of the large Yang clan, the ups and downs, the loves and losses…

The Yang master had four sons. The eldest son died at young age, leaving behind his wife to suffer in silence. The second son was timid and indecisive as he did not fight for his marriage rights . The third was a gambler who took an actress as his concubine and thus aroused the jealousy of his legal wife. The youngest son was a progressive young man with his own perceptions but had fallen in love with his already attached maid .

The complications of their family affairs started with the return of the eldest daughter-in-law’s ex-lover and the second son’s old flame to the mansion and the conspiracy of the evil daughter-in-laws to harm the family ....

Rating : 3 stars of 5

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Diane said...

失恋是很痛苦得!这个故事说一家人,大大小小住在一起, 是一个大家庭,可是很多不幸福的事请发生,使观众泪盈盈得,太可怜了!如果你喜欢看悲剧的故事,你一定会喜欢它!