Sunday, July 13, 2008

298 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ Clan Of Amazons ‘

‘ Clan Of Amazons ‘

Cast : Liu Yong, Ching Li, Ling Yun, Yueh Hua, Shih Sze
Director : Chu Yuan


An inquisitive fighter cum detective was called upon to trail a dreaded bandit who had plunged the martial world into terror. The only clue was a piece of embroidered silk left behind after the bandit had wounded the victims …

Rating : 3 1/2 stars of 5


Amelia said...

It took me a while to accustom to Chu Yuan's style of convoluted plots and subplots in most of his creations.

I watched this mysterious tale 4 times before I gained the answer of who the 'Embroidery Bandit' was: Lin Yun! A big surprise!

Even though it was a masterpiece of Chu Yuan, I have to say that the plots and subplots are 'overcrowded'.

This wuxia thriller started with great promise, then introduction of more cast and conspiracies within conspiracies had made the movie increasingly difficult to follow.

So, Lin Yun was the bad guy in this movie. Fans of Lin Yun will be taken aback here by the sight of Lin Yun as a cunning, vicious character called, a far cry from the handsome swordsman seen in "The Mighty One".

Diane said...

This is one wu xia film that I could not appreciate. I have the same opinion like Amelia, it's too twisted and complicated. I prefer a straight storyline. Besides, I don't like Ling Yun playing the villain.

The SB wu xia films taken in the 80s are not to my taste, firstly the men's attire and hair do changed from the conventional bun on the head and the two pieces of suit. In the modern wu xia films, men wear those robes, so it's hard to distinguish men from women, they all have the same clothes and same hairstyle. Not my style!