Tuesday, July 15, 2008

301 DIRECTOR : Lo Wei

(07) Shaw Bros Director – Lo Wei

Lo Wei, a multi-talented director of the ‘60s~’70s who wrote, directed and co-starred in a series of acclaimed movies at Shaw Studios.

His swordplay movies:

In his mega-hit “Brothers Five”, Lo Wei teamed with six Shaw Studio top artistes Cheng Pei-pei, Yueh Hua, Lo Lieh, Chang Yi, Kao Yuan and Chin Han for this fabulous tale of a swordswoman out to reunite the brothers to avenge for their father’s brutal death. Their collaboration was remarkable !.

He reunited the star duo Cheng Pei-pei and Yueh Hua for his classic action adventure “ The Shadow Whip “ which implicated multiple murders and a heist. This made another box office hit of the ‘70s.

His frostbitten swordswoman out to avenge her parents’ death in “ Vengeance Of A Snow Girl “ was a memorable figure. Cheng Pei-pei’s dual roles as mother and daughter in ‘The Dragon Swamp’ were a success under his solid direction. Angela Yu exuded her charisma as the scheming seductive villain in his “ Death Valley ”.

His suspense thrillers:

In the 60's, Lo Wei created a Hong Kong version’s James Bond in “The Golden Buddha” . Paul Cheung was his hero where he revolved with sexy woman, secret weapons, hidden treasure and cunning foe.

In another thriller ‘Angel With Iron Fists’, Lo Wei made Lily Ho punched, kicked and bombarded with explosives. Lily Ho thus became the dashing female 'Bond' of the East.

Lo Wei, my another all-time favorite director!


Diane said...

Lo Wei was an actor who later became director. When I was a kid, I would call Lo Wei "Lo bear" because he looked so plump and has a round tummy, really resembled a big bear! Alright, joke aside, I respect him as a director and enjoyed many of the films made. He was a very talented artist. He played the husband of Diana Chang Chung Wen and father of Jenny Hu in Madame Slender Plum, a minute role.

lawrence said...

Hi Diane,

About Lo Wei's 'Madame Slender Plum', besides Diana Chang and Jenny Hu, Paul Chang excels in his 'baddie ' role.

In Lo Wei's 'The Golden Buddha', he again played a minute role in the movie but then, Paul Chang becomes the eastern 'Bond' 007 . Another interesting thriller for leisure viewing... hehe