Tuesday, December 15, 2009

792 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ Trilogy Of Swordsmanship ‘ - 群英会

A '70s Shaw Brothers Great Classic …

‘ Trilogy Of Swordsmanship ‘ - 群英会

Part 01 : The Iron Bow .. 铁弓缘

Cast : Shih Sze, Yue Hua
Director : Yueh Feng


A lecherous son of a magistrate had a crush on a lady who worked in a tavern with her mother. He was challenged to fire her late fahter’s sacred bow in order to marry her. However he failed after several attempts. Then came a mysterious stranger who intervened in their affair and the lady fell for him …

铁弓缘… 施思, 岳华



Rating / 评价 : 3 stars of 5

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