Wednesday, October 22, 2008

445 CREATION : 12 Glamorous Shaw Actresses

' 12 Glamorous Shaw Actresses ' ...

Over The Rainbow ......

Somewhere over the rainbow way up

high ,

There's a land that I heard of once in a


Somewhere over the rainbow skies are

blue ,


the dreams that you dare to dream really do come

true ......


Amelia said...

Bravo! Splendid achievement, Lawrence!!

I have enjoyed the whole lot - the crystal clear images of the celebrities, the natural wonders, and the beautiful song.

It's an unostentatious delight!!!

Diane said...

Magnificent Lawrence! What beautiful song, wonders of nature and those stars of yesteryear that we adore.

Many, many thanks. They bring back wonderful memories!

Priscillia said...

Nice creation , Lawrence ! Though I am not familar with these celebrities, but I enjoyed looking at your artworks . The impressive ones are Ching Li and Lily Ho pics. Not to forget the wonderful song by Angela Chang , my favorite song ... Well done !

yee1joyce said...


Once again, you've created yet another wonderful tribute, this time to so many memorable SB actresses. This one is so enjoyable, what with the music, pictures of the actresses, captions and splendid background scenery!
Thanks so much for this lovely tribute to many of our favorite yesteryear's stars!