Sunday, October 19, 2008

437 SB SWORDSPLAY '80s : ‘ Cat Vs Rat ’

‘ Cat Vs Rat ’

Cast : Fu Sheng , Adam Cheng , Gordon Liu
Director : Liu Chia-liang


Two disciples of a kung fu master, Pai Yu-tang and Chan Chao, were always squabbling for supremacy in martial arts. Once Pai rescued a man who was abducted by some villains. Not knowing that he was the emperor who had traveled incognito, Pai rejected his confer of a title . When the villains strike again, Chan came to the emperor’s rescue and was offered a title as ‘King Cat’ ; thus annoyed Pai who schemed to challenge Chan …

Rating : 4 stars of 5


gordonofeast said...

This movie is simply terrific and exhilarating. It is one of director Liu's finest film in terms of the fighting choreography. Fu Sheng is excellent as the deceitful 'rat' and Adam contrasts well as the stoic 'cat'. Great !

Diane said...

From the start to the end, Fu Sheng brought me a lot of laughter with his jestering, but he was excellent with his swordsmanship. This movie is really hilarious. Lydia Shum played a small role here, just looking at her cute face made me happy!