Tuesday, October 21, 2008

442 HK MOVIE '90s : ' Once Upon A Time In China '

Once Upon A Time In China ‘

Type :
Kung Fu

One-word description :

Stars :
Jet Li, Yuen Biao , Jacky Cheung, Rosamund Kwan

Director :
Tsui Hark

About :
A tale of the legendary patriotic kung fu master Wong Fei Hung who organized a local militia, tasked to protect the town folks from the intimidation of the foreigners and the local criminal underground in a turbulent era in China …

Main reason to see this movie :
A must-see ’90s mega box office classic for all kung fu fanatics ! Engaging performances from the leads, of particular note is Jet Li’s splendid role as the legendary kung fu master Wong Fei Hung … Thumps up !

Rating :
5 stars of 5

1 comment:

gordonofeast said...

This is an absolute classic with some of the best martial arts wire work seen on cinema. Jet Li is at his best in this movie. It's another great work of director Tsui Hark after his 'Swordsman II'. GREAT !!