Saturday, September 6, 2008


Fahrenheit - 飛輪海

My favourite Fahrenheit 's drama :

1) Hanazakarino Kimitachihe

My favourite Fahrenheit 's music :

1) 一個人流浪

2) 只對你有感覺

3) 心裡有數

1) 一個人流浪

2) 只對你有感覺

3) 心裡有數


Priscillia said...

OMG ! ... i love these mvs…
Wu Chun is sooo… cute !
Jjiro Wang is sooo…. lovable !
Thanks for the postings !

Diane said...

Wer sind diese feschen Burschen, die fantastisch aussehen und gut singen können? Die jungen Männer sind einfach zu verlieben!!!

Lawrence, ich vermute, dass ein von dieser fesche junge Männer bist du!He he he!

Ich mag die sanften Melodien; die sind sehr beruhigen!

Vielen Dank Lawrence!

Who are these handsome young men, who look great and can sing very well. They are simply adorable!

Lawrence,I suspect one of these guys is you!He he he!

I like soft melodies, they are very soothing!

Thank you Lawrence!

lawrence said...

Oops Diane, how I wish I were one of them, making tons of MONEY ... lol ... Watch out for the handsome WU CHUN who is the 2008 version of 'Liang Shan Bo'...

Stevyn said...

Hmmm.. seems like one of the songs ( is out of tune with the MV.

lawrence said...

Thks Stevyn for the highlight... I have replaced a better version for the 2nd mv ... Enjoy !

gordonofeast said...

Yeah, the hottie., all cutez en amazing... luv d 2nd song …