Tuesday, September 2, 2008

373 SB DRAMA : ‘ A Cause To Kill ‘

‘ A Cause To Kill ‘

Cast : Ivy Ling Po , Kwan Shan , Chiao Chiao
Director : Mu Shih-chien


An ex-movie star felt betrayed by her husband when she discovered his past affair with a female novelist. Thus, she schemed a plot to kill off her husband and frustrate his ex-lover.

She hired a killer to murder her spouse but unfortunately her husband killed him during their struggle. Soon her husband was arrested. As the police investigation continued, they discovered many loopholes and started to suspect the wife ….

A challenging role for Ivy Ling Po to play a scheming villainous wife … and she is terrific!

Rating : 3 stars of 5


terence said...

It is refreshing to watch Ivy Ling Po play a grey character for a change instead of the goody goody roles she is always assigned to. I must say she does a terrific job as I can sympathize with her character.

Diane said...

Ivy Ling Po pareció muy hermosa y elegante en esta película! Fue su primera vez a jugar un asesina.
Este papel es muy diferente de su función habitual como un estudioso en muchas Huang Mei Diao películas. Una esposa que quería vengarse de su marido a causa de la infidelidad.
¡Quisiera tener gusto de demostrar mi solidaridad con ella, sin embargo, el matar para mi es un pecado grave!

Ivy Ling Po looked very beautiful and elegant in this movie. It's her first villain role.
This role is different from the usual role as scholar in many Huang Mei Diao movies. A wife who wanted to revenge her husband because of infidelity.
I would like to show my solidarity with her, however killing for me is a grave sin!