Sunday, August 31, 2008

371 DRAMA : ' Corner With Love ' - 轉角遇到愛

A Taiwan Serial …

Corner With Love ‘
... 轉角遇到愛

Cast : Show Luo, Barbie Hsu


Wealthy girl Xin Lei met struggling artist Qin Lang in Shanghai when they were both involved in a car accident at a corner.

Not long later, Xin Lei’s parents declared bankrupt and went into hiding. Xin Lei was left with an air ticket and a key to their family home in Taiwan. She made her way there and was shocked that the house was occupied by Qin Lang’s family for years. She met Qin Lang again and thus began a magical love story …

Rating : 4 1/2 stars of 5


Priscillia said...

This is one of the Taiwan top dramas. It’s fun, sweet and at times touching. I love Show Lou’s character ; he is such an adorable devoted lover. Barbie Hsu’s role as a rich spoiled brat is amazing. Well, both leads have great chemistry and thus made this a great drama.

Diane said...


Stevyn said...

Terrific drama with such interesting plot. A great romance-comedy for the young and young-at heart. Lots of laughter at the beginning and lots of tears towards the end, yet a sweet ending. =)
Some tips learn from this show, never buy shoes for your partner. She will walk out of the relationship. Never send 13 stalks of roses, 十三 = 失散。 LOL。。。 And many more.. just watch the show.

The fired oyster has been made famous in this show. Twice I've been to Taiwan, and many times I've eaten at the fried oyster master who taught Show how to cook in the show. With only fresh eggs and big juicy oysters, it's no doubt one of Taiwan's best night market snacks.

yee1joyce said...


Thanks much for posting this one! The show looks like a lovely story with two great leads in the main roles: Show and his rich girlfriend Barbie, is this still playing in Taiwan, or has it come out on DVD yet?


lawrence said...

Hi Joyce,

This ' Corner With Love 'was one of the top 10 drama serials in Taiwan. The dvd and vcd are available now. Worthy watching and collecting...