Wednesday, August 6, 2008

334 LOST CLASSIC : ' Swan Song ' ... Finale

My Storyboard …

Swan Song Part IV

Cast :
Chin Ping – Fanny
Kwan Shan – Tu Fan
Alison Chang – Annie
Ouyang Sha-fei – Fanny’s mother

Director :Lo Jun

The night sky was ablaze with flashes of lightning. From the distance came the low rumbling of thunder. It had started to drizzle and soon a steady downpour.

Annie paced up and down the living hall. She quivered in rage. Her eyes bulged and the veins on her forehead looked ready to burst. Then came Fanny and Tu Fan happily home from the relentless rain and wind.

‘ I can’t stand this a moment longer! She is dying soon! Why waste your time on her ? ‘, Annie raged at the couple.

‘ Stop it Annie! ‘, her mother shouted as she put her arms around Fanny. Fanny’s eyes soon became red and puffy.

‘ Mum, I’m alright! I knew about my leukemia on the day when the doctor came to talk to you ‘, said Fanny.

The rain pelted against the windows and hammered on the roof continuously. At that moment, tears welled up in the mother’s eyes.

The next morning, Fanny left the house without a word.

Tu Fan checked frantically the house but there was no sight of her. He began to gnaw his fingernails in nervous dread as he combed the vicinity. When he found her, she was lying unconsciously on the beach.

When Tu Fan carried Fanny home, Annie was guilt-ridden as she did not know how she would face her dying sister.

Soon the evening sun cast long shadows on the ground. The slanting rays of the setting sun gave a warm orange tinge to the sky. Fanny looked upon the scenic sight. Her eyes began to grow heavy. In the arms of Tu Fan, she rested in peace ….

......................................... THE END ...................................


Diane said...

Thank you very much Lawrence for the last part of the story! I wish I could see the movie to see the stars playing their roles.
You did a great job young man!!!

Priscillia said...

Good job Lawrence. I like the style you wrote this tragic story.
Keep coming with more stories. Thank you.