Sunday, August 3, 2008

329 LOST CLASSIC : ‘ Swan Song ‘ ... Part III

My Storyboard …

Swan SongPart III

Cast :
Chin Ping – Fanny
Kwan Shan – Tu Fan
Alison Chang – Annie
Ouyang Sha-fei – Fanny’s mother

Director :Lo Jun

The foamy waves crashed on the shore with unfailing regularity. The salty breeze invigorated both Fanny and Tu Fan as they walked barefoot along the shore, the fine sand cool and soft under their feet. At that moment, Fanny felt on top of the world. She had never expected to be with her beloved one to stroll along a deserted beach.
However, happy moments seemed short when Annie appeared at the beach.

Annie had secretly followed the couple to the beach. She lured Tu Fan to a secluded spot and smothered him with kisses. Being irritated by Annie’s behavior, he rejected her and returned to look for Fanny; however the latter was nowhere in sight.

Tu Fan realized that he had unconsciously fallen for Fanny. He knew it was not a pity but true love after those days together. Meanwhile the damsel-in-distress started to worry as her health conditions deteriorated each day. She knew her days were numbered and in view not to hurt Tu Fan deeply, she requested a break up. She was finally touched by his sincerity and faithfulness but the jealous Annie ruined their bliss …

To be continued …


Diane said...

Well, I'm anticipating for part four of the story. Lawrence, you're like my Ye Ye who kept us in suspense, he would us stories by installment!I like the "Swan Song" story, but sad to say, I know it is a tragedy.
Lawrence, you did a good job in relating the store, the words are beautiful chosen!

lawrence said...

Hmmm... let's see... I guess I will need another 30 or more years to be promoted to 'Ye Ye' status huh ! ... haha ...

terence said...

Kwan Shan and Alison Chang Yen look like father and daughter. Can't they find a younger male lead?

yee1joyce said...

Hi Lawrence,

These story summaries of this film are fantastic, such "cliff hangers"! I haven't seen this movie, but your continuing plot summaries make me want to. I take it this is one of the many movies that Celestial decided not to remaster and re - release on DVD/VCD?