Sunday, August 3, 2008

327 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ Vengeance Of A Snow Girl ‘

‘ Vengeance Of A Snow Girl ‘

Cast : Li Ching, Yueh Hua, Paul Chang, Chiao Chiao
Director : Lo Wei


A crippled girl announced her intent to kill four gang masters in revenge for her parents. When she began her massacre for vengeance, she fell for her enemy’s son and was persuaded by him to go on a long journey to heal her legs …

A memorable classic with a bittersweet finale, thumps up!

Rating : 4 ½ stars of 5


Diane said...

Yueh Hua played a meek person in this movie, very far from his other wu xia roles where he was known for his good sword fighting, chivalry, fearlessness. Here he was full of compassion for a disabled young lady that he overacted, just like an indecisive teenage boy. Li Ching played a rather heartless young woman full of revenge and hatred, but Yueh Hua could convince her of his love. A nice love story but ended tragically. Chao Chao played a spoil brat, didn't like her in this role.

Amelia said...

Bravo, "vengeance Of A Snow Girl" is indeed a fantastic masterpiece creation of veteran actor, writer and director, Lo Wei.

The movie has certainly lived up to its title. Superb snowy scenery at the end is breathtaking! I wondered where the final scenes were shot, in Japan? Korea?

Li Ching, is superb with her performance as a disabled sword woman, who is determined to avenge her parent's death. Ironically, her dad is played by her director, Lo Wei. She certainly has earned some cachet as an actress who not only can fight well, but is a sentimental lady at heart. Sadly, the finale takes on an added poignancy in light of the fate of the leading lady.

Lo Wei, creator of this movie, assembled a top-rate cast, featuring not only the baby queen, Li Ching but also Yeh Hua, Paul Chang Chong, Chiao Chiao and not to forget the cameo of Niu, Niu, who looks every inch a young version of Li Ching.

Despite an able cast, Li Ching deliveres the most towering impressive show here that has no doubt outshone Yeh Hua and Paul Chang.

Refreshingly to see Paul Chang as a swordsman for the first time. Hehehe........his appearance reminded me of the past TV series of "Samurai".

Actress Chiao Chiao, on the other hand, certainly knows how to glam her role up as a bratty, jealous fiance of Paul Chang.

To sum it up, it's one of the best wuxia movies I have ever seen. Superbly filmed, cleverly directed, smartly edited and choreographed. A film worth seeing again and again! :)