Thursday, June 12, 2008

256 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ Fly Up With Love ‘

Fly Up With Love ‘

Cast: Chelsia Chan, Chin Hsiang-lin
Director : Chen Yao-qin


A tale about three factory girls, their dreams and romances!

A down-to-earth girl worked hard for money in order to set up her own business. While working in a factory, she fell in love with her handsome colleague but not knowing his true identity and his relationship with the boss’ daughter…

A materialistic girl was desperate for money owing to her poor family . Thus she neglected her poor but faithful lover and befriended a wealthy, flirtatious playboy …

The third was a happy-go-lucky girl whose family arranged her for match-make when she had already a boyfriend....

Adapted from a renowned novel, the movie has a wonderful theme song and a few touching scenes especially with the materialistic girl.

Rating: 3 stars of 5

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