Tuesday, June 10, 2008

246 SB SWORDSPLAY '60s : ’ The Twin Swords ‘

’ The Twin Swords ‘

Cast: Jimmy Wang Yu, Chin Ping, Lo Lieh, Ling Po
Director : Hsu Cheng-hung


Part II of ‘ Red Lotus Temple ‘ Trilogy !

In an attempt to rescue some innocents , the sword mates were trapped at the Red Lotus Temple. As they were outnumbered, the husband decided to flee to his in-laws’ family for reinforcements while his wife stayed to battle. Then the mysterious Scarlet Maid re-emerged to aid the heroes ...

Rating : 3 ½ stars of 5


Diane said...

So pitiful to see Kue Wu (Jimmy Wang Yu) kneeling the whole day and night begging his in-law to save his wife who was captured by the Red Lotus gangster. Again Ling Po stole the show with her role as the "scarlet maiden"! I love her singing while playing the lute, she looked very beautiful and elegant!

Petrina was adorable, as the story unfolded, you can see Petrina Fung Bao Bao literally growing.

Ku Feng who played Kan Hu, the brother of Kan Long (Tien Feng) and Kao Pao Shu who played Shun Mei, the older sister of Kan Long both had a small supporting role here, both ended tragically.

Amelia said...

"The Twin Sword" is surprisingly good and is no doubt the best episode of the Scarlet Maid series.

This movie has smarter and more exciting plots than those of "The Temple Of Lotus" and "The Sword & The Lute". Besides, its suitably muscular soundtrack together with Ling Po's voice and song are delightful accompaniments.

Ling Po looks stunning in 'bright red robe'. It's soooo blazing red that I was searching for my sunglasses! Hehehe.............nonetheless, she excels once again in this flawless portrayal of Scarlet Maid, always appears at the right place at the right time when help is needed!

Fong Bo Bo is a sweet little bonus! Her whimsical, yet astonishingly polished performance is enchanting and entertaining!

Grab this as this is a little gem for anyone interested in Ling Po's collection.

terence said...

Ivy Ling Po is unforgettable as Scarlet Maid though I wish they would let her fight a bit more with the chief villain.