Monday, June 9, 2008

244 STAR : ' Chang Yi '

(42) ' Chang Yi '

Chang Yi may look gentle and refined in ' The Silent Swordsman ' , but at times he could be aggressive and ferocious as in ' The Crimson Charm '.

With his melancholic look , he played an avenger-in-distress in 'Bells Of Death' ; with his charismatic charm , he played a righteous knight in ' King Cat ' .

Chang Yi , an actor with the 'x-factor' to charm every movie goer in the '60s.


Diane said...

Alluring star with good manners, a perfect gentleman! I like his SB wu xia films. He's shy and was always inconspicuous, but his good looks and good manners really stood out.

ivan said...

Pleasant personality! Enjoy his movies.

peter said...

A handsome gentleman with good Kung Fu skills. He is a great actor and my all time favourite movie star.

terence said...

He is definitely in my Top 5 list of favourite actors.

With those killer looks, Shaws should have cast him in some romantic movies as well.....perhaps even an erotic one?!

ivan said...

"...perhaps even an erotic one?!" Nay, nay Terence. Fortunately, it did not happen though. :)