Tuesday, December 8, 2009

787 SB ROMANCE : ‘Let’s Make Laugh‘ - 表错七日情

A ‘80s Kenny Bee Classic …

A romance comedy blockbuster …

Let’s Make Laugh ‘ - 表错七日情

Cast : Kenny Bee, Cecilia Yip
Director : Alfred Cheung


A young security guard from the Supreme Court was tasked to pursue a man’s assets against taxes. As the man was missing and left only his young wife in the house, the guard was thus assigned to stay in her home for a week …

表错七日情 … 锺镇涛, 叶童


七天.时, 屋主已出走,只留下其年轻妻子看管一切…

Rating / 评价 : 4 stars of 5

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always on my mind... said...

wow!!! i love this movie

kenny be so cute and sexy

in this movie

thank for post this topic++