Sunday, November 22, 2009

778 CREATION : Sing-Along (38) .. 费玉清.. 天上人间

This is my 778th post and I'm writing this specially for my mum ...

" In memory of my dearest mum,

Mdm Yap Suan Keow "

Looking back on my life and I wondered…
Did I ever thank you for all that you had done for me ?

For those times when you were by my side,
To celebrate my success and accept my failure…

For those times when you were by my side,
To teach me the value of hard work, courage and honesty …

Those were the times where we had shared the laughter, the smiles and the quiet moments…

I wondered if I had ever thanked you ..

If I have forgotten to express my gratitude,
I am thanking you now, deep from the bottom of my heart…

And I hope you would know all along.
How much you were loved and appreciated ,

Even to-date …

Here is a tribute to my dearest mum, her favorite song that she had once sang frequently ...

费玉清.. 天上人间

树上小鸟啼 江畔帆影移
片片云霞 停留在天空间

阵阵薰风 轻轻吹过
稻如波涛 柳如线

摇东 倒西


青蛙鸣草地 溪水清见底
双双蝴蝶 飞舞在花丛里

处处花开 朵朵花香
兰如白雪 桃如胭

你娇 我艳

这里是天上人间 ...


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hungrei said...

我在 youtube 找 "蘭花草" 連到你這裡了,在我網站 裡的 "youtube賞歌室" 有很多華語歌曲連結,歡迎進來看看喔!

Amelia said...

Hi Lawrence,

I am very touched by your tribute to your beloved mum. Despite she has left you physically, love never dies and I am very certain her presence is always around you.

It's a beautiful song chosen to remember your dear mum and I love it very much. :)