Wednesday, September 30, 2009

741 CREATIVE ARTWORKS : Chin Hsiang-lin ( 秦祥林 ) & Lin Ching-hsia ( 林青霞 )

2009 Creative Artworks ...

Stars of Taiwan Romance Classics ' Return Of

Monsoon ' ( 一片深情 ), ' Girl Friend ' ( 女朋友 ),

' Autumn Love Song ' ( 秋歌 ) , ' Come Fly With

Me ' ( 我是一沙鷗 )......

Chin Hsiang-lin … 秦祥林

Lin Ching-hsia … 林青霞


ngengthye said...

漂亮 。。赞!!

yee1joyce said...


You've done it again, thank you so much for these fabulous creative portraits of Charlie Chin Xianglin and Brigitte Lin Chingxia, wow!!! Seeing these portraits of them from their "Taiwan romance films" days sure brings back many memories of the ones I watched with the "two Chin's and two Lins" of Charlie Chin and the Taiwan Chin Han, plus Lin Ching Hsia and Lin Feng Chiao!
Thank you as always for all the portraits of these yesteryear stars and movie reviews!