Tuesday, September 29, 2009

740 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ' Different Love ' - 不一样的爱

A ‘70s Chin Hsiang-lin’s classic

' Different Love ' - 不一样的爱

Cast : Chin Hsiang-lin , Lin Ching-hsia , Liang Siew-sheng
Director : Shi Wen-ling


A graduate Wen Xing-yu was employed for a research work in a company, He clashed with his new management Bei-lun when the latter decided to abort the research project. While on his way to negotiate with Bei-lun, he met Xiao-yu ( Bei-lun’ secretary ) and fell for her. Never did he expect that Bei-lun had a crush on Xiao-yu too….

不一样的爱 … 秦祥林, 林青霞, 梁修身



意外地认识了培伦公司的职员小瑜而产生爱意. 他怎么也没


Rating / 评价 : 3 stars of 5

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