Saturday, September 5, 2009

726 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ The Valley Of Butterfly ‘ - 蝴蝶谷

A '70s Chin Han's Classic ...

‘ The Valley Of Butterfly ‘ - 蝴蝶谷

Cast : Joan Lin , Chin Han , Wang Chuan-ru, Gu Ming-lun
Director : Xu Jing-liang


Pei-wen was determined to pursue her studies overseas, thus she left her boyfriend Wen-ping in the care of her best pal Hui-zhen. When Wen-ping’s business faced financial crisis, Hui-zhen helped him to surpass the crucial period and in due course, they developed a strange feeling towards each other…

蝴蝶谷 … 林凤娇, 秦汉, 王釧如, 谷名倫



帮助他, 使他重新振作起来,也因此两人产生了一种微妙


Rating / 评价 : 3 ½ stars of 5

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