Sunday, August 30, 2009

722 HK MOVIE '70s : ‘ Seaman No 7 ‘ - 海員七號

A ‘70s Jimmy Wang Yu’s classic …

A Golden Harvest movie …

Seaman No 7 ‘ - 海員七號

Cast : Jimmy Wang Yu
Director : Lo Wei


A seaman who believed that he had killed his opponent in a brawl, stowed away on a smugglers’ ship. He was caught by the smugglers onboard and when asked to join their triad, he refused and later managed to elude their clutches and fled to his cousin’s house. He met them again by a chance encounter when he tried to rescue a young girl whom they had harassed ….

海員七號 … 王羽


在一次勇救一名被調戲的女子時, 海員又与歹徒碰


Rating / 评价 : 2 ½ stars of 5

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