Thursday, June 4, 2009

669 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ The Golden Age ‘ - 闪亮的日子

A '70s Lui Wen-zheng classic ...

‘ The Golden Age ‘ - 闪亮的日子

Cast: Liu Wen-zheng, Sylvia Chang
Director: Liu Wei-bin


Fong, who had a strong passion for music, formed a band to participate in the upcoming musical competition. Everything was ready except for a female solo, which he believed Sun was the best choice. When he finally convinced Sun to join his band, he discovered that he had contracted a terminal illness …

闪亮的日子… 刘文正 , 张艾嘉

为了参加音乐赛, 狂爱音乐的方志伟组成一个合唱团,

但最辣手是找女歌手. 当他遇上她时,他却再一次受

到命运的挑战; 他患了癌 ……

Rating / 评价 : 2 stars of 5

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