Saturday, May 23, 2009

659 HK MOVIE '70s : ‘ Making It ‘ - 追赶跑跳碰

A ‘70s Kenny Bee’s Classic …

A Golden Harvest movie ...

Making It ‘ -

Cast : Kenny Bee, Alan Tam
Director : Raymond Chan


Alan, a member of a pop band was hospitalized on the eve of their concert but he soon found his look-alike to cover him. His look-alike was actually a rich man son who had run away from his pre-arranged marriage. While in the hospital, Alan was mistaken as the rich man son and was kidnapped …

碰 ... 钟镇涛 , 譚詠麟

樂隊歌手阿倫急症入院, 與其樣貌相似的富商之子被強扯冒

充阿倫表演. 在病房的阿倫被誤認為富商之子,因此被綁架 …

Rating / 评价 : 2 ½ stars of 5

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