Saturday, April 11, 2009

615 STARBUZZ : 2009 April Star - Jimmy Wang Yu

2009 ...


JIMMY WANG YU ... 王羽 .....

Filmography ( SB Movies only ) ...

1966 《江湖奇俠》 Temple of the Red Lotus

1966 《鴛鴦劍俠》 The Twin Swords

1966 《虎俠殲仇》 Tiger Boy

1966 《邊城三俠》 The Magnificent Trio

1966 《歡樂青春》 The Joy Of Spring

1967 《斷腸劍》 The Trail of the Broken Blade

1967 《獨臂刀》 One-Armed Swordsman

1967 《琴劍恩仇》 The Sword and the Lute

1967 《亞洲秘密警察 》 Asia-Pol

1967 《蘭姨》 Auntie Lan

1967 《大刺客》 The Assassin

1968 《金燕子》 The Golden Swallow

1968 《神刀 》 The Sword Of Swords

1969 《獨臂刀王》 Return Of The One-Armed Swordsman

1970 《春火》 My Son

1970 《龍虎鬥》 The Chinese Boxer


Diane said...

Jimmy Wang Yu developed gradually from a unknown weakling to a fierce swordsman, from a shy person to an arrogant and headstrong star. We have literally grown with him by watching his movies. I liked him in his fresh and innocent role as Kuei Wu in "Temple of the Red Lotus" trilogy.

gordonofeast said...

Jimmy Wang Yu is definitely one of the greatest stars in the '70s. I like his 'The Chinese Boxer'. I was told that this movie had started the craze for unarmed combat movies in the era.