Monday, April 6, 2009

612 DRAMA : ‘ Last One Standing ‘ - 与敌同行

A 2008 Hong Kong Drama Series …

Last One Standing ‘ - 与

Cast : Kevin Cheng , Roger Kwok


Cheung Sing-hei was charged for murdering his stepfather who had sexually assaulted his sister. He was later sentenced to ten years of imprisonment by the statements of his cousin Tong Lap-yin who claimed that he had witnessed the crime. Ten years later, Cheung was out from prison to exact his vengeance …

与敌同行 … 郑嘉颖 , 郭晋安

张承希因为妹妹被后父非礼,气愤之下把他打伤, 后来后父

证实死亡, 承希成为疑凶。法庭上承希的表哥唐立言指证承

希,令承希被判入狱十年。十年后, 承希出狱 …

Rating / 评价 : 3½ stars of 5


Andrea said...

This is the TVB's version of "Prison Break" . The plot is quite thrilling except a little draggy in some episodes ... Kevin with a mustache looks so macho and I must say that he is great, both in acting and appearence! ... lol ... Roger is ok but a little too old in his costume fitting.

Lawrence Tan said...

Yes Andrea, Kevin Cheng is great in this series as an ex-convict. This is a total change of his role play from his award-winning series " Under The Canopy Of Love " where he was a Prince Charming.