Monday, March 16, 2009

594 TAIWAN MOVIE : ‘ The Everlasting Glory ‘ - 英烈千秋

An Award-winning Taiwan Classic …

‘ The Everlasting Glory ‘ - 英

Director : Ting Shan Xi
Cast : Chen Chen , Ke Chun-hsiong


During the Sino-Japanese War, a patriotic general Chang Tzu-chung led his army to battle against the Japanese. They took on the entire Japanese army for months before General Chang received his new assignment to work as an undercover in the Japanese troop. Since then, he was wrongly accused by his fellow comrades as a traitor until the day when the truth was revealed ….

英烈千秋 … 甄珍, 柯俊雄

張自忠將軍英勇抗日 , 後壯烈殉國 …

Rating / 评价 : 3 ½ stars of 5


Diane said...

为国家牺牲是英雄好漢的态度, 实在使人佩服。如果大家有一顆爱国的心,那该多好呀!

黃俊彰 said...

歲的張自忠將軍抗敵~詐降~忍辱~殉國的每個環節~演的不慍不火~是天才型的演員!三屆亞太影帝+三屆金馬影帝~套句他的話= 這是公平的!!