Sunday, March 15, 2009

593 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ Love Begins Here ‘ - 愛的天地

An Award-winning Taiwan Musical Classic …

Love Begins Here ‘ -

Cast : Judy Ongg
Director : Liu Chia-chang


A young graduate discovered her incurable illness and could only live for a few months. Hence, she decided to spend a meaningful life in her remaining days to teach in a rural orphanage. However on the day of her arrival there, the orphans showed hostility towards her ….

愛的天地 … 翁倩玉

一患癌少女, 以其有限的生命 , 來到荒闢小

從事愛的教育. ……

Rating / 评价 : 3 ½ stars of 5


ivan said...

I don't remember this movie, Lawrence. Saw her other movie can't recall the full title but seagulls is the theme song.

Saw Judy Ongg's show live at the Rex Theatre, I think.

Back to this movie you posted, in the end what happened to her?

Lawrence Tan said...

Hi Ivan,

This is the movie with the theme song 'Seagull'.. hehe

To continue the story, Judy Ongg eventually developed a good relationship with the orphans and changed the principal's perception of education. In the finale, she died due to her terminal illness ..

ivan said...

Oh I see so it is also Seagull. But also forgot what was the plot of that movie. nvm haha

Lawrence Tan said...

Oops... Ivan, guess I did not make myself clear ...

Okie, the song 'Seagull' is from the movie 'Love Begins Here'... Roger ? .. hehe

ivan said...

Ok got it. The Chinese title of the movie is kind of familiar though! haha

CONFIANT said...

Hi Lawrence,
Can u advise where I can buy this movie. Two very special friends of mine is very in love with the songs in this movie. It is very important to me. Just want to make someone very happy. It is my wife and my mum.