Thursday, February 26, 2009

575 DRAMA : ‘ The Master Of Tai Chi ‘ - 太極

A 2008 Hong Kong Award-winning Drama Series …

‘ The Master Of Tai Chi ‘ -

Cast : Vincent Zhao , Raymond Lam


An orphan was adopted by a ‘Tai Chi ‘ master at young age and was taught the ‘Tai Chi’ skills. As his devastating past had made him filled with hatred, his mentor eventually sacrificed his life to help him remove the hatred that was deep down in his heart.

In view to express gratitude to his mentor, the guilt-ridden orphan decided to pursue the highest level of ‘Tai Chi’ skills and promote ‘Tai Chi’ in the martial world. Thus he challenged the leader of a top-ranked clan in a martial arts tournament ….

太极 … 赵文卓 , 林峰

自幼遭父母遗弃 ,一 孤独冰冷青年开始变得仇恨世界 . 但

认识了太极 , 经过一次又一次的比武决斗,他渐渐领悟出

武学中的刚柔之道。, 踏进了武学的另一境界,也踏入了人

生的另一个境界 …

Rating / 评价 : 4 ½ stars of 5

' The Master Of Tai Chi ' trailer ...


Andrea said...

This is a superb series thus far. The script is well-crafted unlike other typical TVB plot/cliches. The cast performances are impressive escpecially Raymond Lam who won the 'Asia Best Drama Actor' award with his role in this series. Needless to say Vincent Zhao's fantastic kung fu skills. Thumps up !!

gordonofeast said...

This 'Tai Chi Master' has a good script, well-developed characters, beautiful scenery, great editing and awesome fighting choreography. This is definitely my type of series.