Monday, January 19, 2009

539 K-POP : ‘ Destiny ‘ – 宿命

Lunar New Year 2009 Selection :

A 2008 K-movie ...

Destiny ‘ – 宿

Cast : Song Seung-hun , Kwon Sang-woo
Director : Kim Hae-gon


A hotheaded man Woo-min joined his three best pals to break into a casino and steal money from their rival gang. They succeeded but with betrayal from one of his pals, he was soon caught and put in jail. Two years later, Woo-min was released from jail …

宿命 … 宋承憲 , 權相佑

宇民因一好友的背叛. 結果盜取賭場金櫃失敗被抓. 後被冤枉入獄 . 兩年後 , 宇民出獄

Rating / 评价 : 2 ½ stars of 5


Andrea said...

This movie is a complete let down to all with high expectations. The script and direction are terrible. See this only for the two incredibly good looking stars …

gordonofeast said...

Disappointed with this so-called Korean Action Movie; it has more words than actions .