Saturday, January 17, 2009

537 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ Melody From Heaven ‘ - 白花飄雪花飄

Lunar New Year 2009 Selection :

Melody From Heaven ‘ -

Cast : Joan Lin , Chin Han
Director : Li Hsing


For many nights, a young music composer met a beautiful girl in white gown singing a song repeatedly. When he approached her, the mysterious girl just vanished into the thin air. Days later, his business counterpart with whom he had shared a music recording company returned from States. He came with a music box left behind by his young deceased sister . Upon hearing the song in the music box, the composer was startled as the song played was the same tune that the mysterious girl had sang previously …

白花飄雪花飄 … 林鳳嬌, 秦漢

远看花似雪 近看雪如花

莫非花有意 飘落到我家

花香枝头开 雪从天上来
有情似无倩 片片都是爱

为你常相忆 日夜常怀念
黄昏里 月光下
魂梦飞天涯 ……

一作曲家遇見一位白衣長髮的少女 , 她一直唱著同樣的一首歌 , 說她是微風,是小花,是流水,是一首難忘的歌 , 然失去了蹤影 . 作曲家的好友自美歸來 , 送給他一個妹妹留下的精緻音樂盒作紀念 . 作曲家揭開音樂盒, 放出的樂聲正是白衣少女唱著的那首歌,盒中鑲著一張照片,赫然竟是他見過的少女 ….

Rating / 评价 : 3 ½ stars of 5


Andrea said...

I like the pics .. Did you scan those from the magazine ? .. Simply awesome !

Although the romance in this movie is kind of fantasy, but it's quite a nice movie. The only problem is the poor dvd quality that makes one pissed off. It's just like that film clip that was posted here, real bad image quality that ruined this movie.

lawrence said...

Bingo ! I did scan those pics . Yes, my dvd quality is bad too, so I did not take any snap shots from there .. Glad that you like those scanned pics ..