Monday, January 5, 2009

521 SB KUNG FU : ' Marco Polo ' – 馬哥波羅

Lunar New Year 2009 Selection:

A Shaw Brothers Classic

Marco Polo –

Cast : Fu Sheng , Chi Kuan- , Shih Sze
Director : Chang Cheh


An Italian explorer Marco Polo was appointed by the Mongolian emperor as his Imperial Inspector. Once, some rebels attempted to assassinate the emperor but failed, thereafter Marco Polo was tasked to track them down and eliminate them …

馬哥波羅 - 傅聲 , 戚冠軍 , 施思

意大利探險家馬哥波羅被元世祖忽必烈任命為總督. 適逢忽必烈遭反元志士刺殺, 幸得蒙古高手護駕. 後, 馬哥波羅率兵將反元者一網打盡…

Rating / 评价 : 4 stars of 5


gordonofeast said...

This is such a classic, a great film during its time ! Great to see the Shaolin heroes , they are cool !!

terence said...

Just rewatched this not too long ago.
It is interesting to note that Carter Wong the famous Golden Harvest actor played Shih Szu's brother. The Caucasian who played Marco Polo should go to acting school. The director gave him nothing much to do probably in view of his limited acting skills.