Sunday, January 4, 2009

518 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ Fantasies Behind The Pearly Curtains ‘ – 一帘幽梦

Lunar New Year 2009 Selection :

Fantasies Behind The Pearly Curtains ‘


Cast : Chen Chen , Chin Hsiang-lin , Wang Ping , Patrick Tze
Director : Bai Jing-rui


Fate had played a cruel joke on a couple Zi-ling and Chu-lian. They were both deeply in love but their families had mistaken Chu-lian to be the perfect match for Zi-ling’s elderly sister Lu-ping.

When Chu-lian was about to unravel the brutal truth to Lu-ping, they met a car accident that led to the latter to amputate one of her legs. The guilt-ridden Chu-lian thus made a marriage proposal to Lu-ping.

Meanwhile in the hope to let go her previous entangling relationship, Zi-ling agreed to marry an elderly man who had sworn to love her forever. However, memories from the past still linger within her after her marriage ….

一帘幽梦 … 甄珍 , 秦祥林

我有一帘幽梦,不知与谁能共. 多少秘密在其中,欲诉无人能懂

窗外更深露重,今夜落花成冢. 春来春去俱无踪,徒留一帘幽梦
谁能解我情衷,谁将柔情深种. 若能相知又相逢,共此一帘幽梦 …

绿萍与紫菱是一对美丽的姐妹花. 姐姐绿萍高贵和美丽, 身边有一个条件优秀 的男朋友楚廉. 妹妹紫菱是一个平凡的学生, 清纯, 特别惹人怜爱..

紫菱的心中一直有个小秘密,那就是她一直深爱着姐姐的男朋友楚廉, 而楚廉对她也有好感. 当两人决定向绿萍坦白之时,绿萍却因意外的车祸而导致左腿残废。面对着因为残废而性情大变的绿萍,相爱的两人决定将这份感情暗藏心底 ……

Rating / 评价 : 4 ½ stars of 5


Stevyn said...

This is the 1st 70's movie I ever watched. The story line is touching and the song is great. Thanks Law for sharing. Even better with the chinese synopsis and song.

Andrea said...

I have seen a few different versions of this Qiong Yao's 'Yi Lian You Meng' and Chen Chen's version is still the best except for the miscast of Patrick Tze. He is more of a villain than a gentleman as in 'Where the seagull flies' ... lol

Thks for the pics, very 'dreamy' touch ....