Friday, December 26, 2008

505 DRAMA : ‘ Under The Canopy of Love ‘ - Part 1

An Award-Winning Hong Kong Serial …

Under The Canopy of Love ‘ - 天幕下的戀人

Cast :

Kevin Cheng as Alan
Bosco Wong as Li
Niki Chow as Shi

Synopsis: - ( Part 1 )

Have you ever wondered how one’s heart palpitating in excitement and gave a broad grin when she met with her old crush? Shi could explain for she had such a wonderful encounter.

Shi was a gentle and innocent salesgirl who had always been looking forward to a romantic love. Years ago, she was secretly in love with her senior Alan but lost contact ever since he had changed school. However, fate had brought the two together again when one day Shi picked a lost electronic handheld device that belonged to her old crush.

Alan was then an ambitious career guy working in the same shopping mall as Shi. Owing to the office politics, he could hardly hold a high position in his workplace.

The two young ones met by chance at the same canopy-designed shopping mall and soon they became a couple….

( To be continued ... )


Diane said...

All these new faces really make many of us feel out of place, we still live in our memories where SB movies and Cathay movies dominated our lives.

Thanks Lawrence, this drama sounds very interesting. As to the stars who played in this movie, they are really strangers to me, but they are all very attractive, just wonder if their acting skills are equal to their good looks!

lawrence said...

Hi Diane,

Kevin Cheng won a 'Best Actor' award with his role in this 'Under The Canopy Of Love' . This was his first serial that I had watched and he had impressed me with his natural acting. This was also one of the top 10 dramas in 2006 .

The second serial that I watched was his latest 'Last One Standing' ... Again, Kevin Cheng did not disappoint me ...

Andrea said...

Just to add on to Lawrence comments, this drama was nominated for several awards in '2006 TVB Anniversary Awards' including 'Best Drama' , 'Best Leading Actor' (Kevin Cheng), 'Best Leading Actor' (Bosco Wong)and 'Best Leading Actress' (Niki Chow), but only Kevin Cheng grabbed away the 'Best Actor' award . Bravo, Kevin !