Friday, December 26, 2008

502 MOVIE RECAP : ' A Maid From Heaven ' - 七仙女 ( Part 1 )

A Shaw Brothers Classic …

A Maid From Heaven -

Cast : Ivy Ling Po , Fang Ying
Director : Ho Meng-hua


In the Heavenly Palace lived several lovely fairies whom were the daughters of the Jade Emperor. The seventh daughter felt loneliness and admired lives in the mortal world. Once she saw a young village lad Tung Yong and was enchanted by him, thus descended from the heaven to meet her dream lover ….

The seven fairies played merrily together in the heaven, laughing, giggling, singing and dancing. However, the seventh fairy felt loneliness…

The seventh fairy transformed into a country maid in order to get close to her dream man and marry him …

( To be continued ... )


ivan said...

Thanks Lawrence for this movie recap! :)

yee1joyce said...


Thanks once again for another fun series of movie classic recaps, including your posters of scenes from this movie, the movie poster itself and a video clip too. How young Fang Yin and Ivy were in this one as the ill fated couple.