Thursday, November 6, 2008

465 SB DRAMA : ' The Lady Professional '

‘ The Lady Professional ‘

Cast : Lily Ho, Chang Pei-shan
Director : Matsuo Akinori


A hooligan had witnessed a murder in an amusement park. Henceforth, he blackmailed the sexy killer for money for several years. When she was forced by him to take up an assassination assignment, she began to retaliate …

Rating : 2 stars of 5


Diane said...

Lily Ho played the daring lady killer, and the stunts she had to pull just like Honey West (lady James Bond)was very impressing.

Lily Ho was at her best, a stunning beautiful lady in one of her action films. She portrayed an emancipated woman who could tackle the job of a man!

Diva said...

This is my favorite movie ever, featuring my favorite Diva of all times!