Sunday, November 2, 2008

457 SB SWORDSPLAY '70s : ‘ The Deadly Duo ‘

‘ The Deadly Duo ‘

Cast : David Chiang , Ti Lung
Director : Chang Cheh


After the downfall of Sung dynasty, Prince Kang ( the only heir to the throne ) was taken captive by the Chin invaders. He was locked in a fortress heavily guarded by Chin warriors. Then it was up to two powerful patriots to overcome the odds and free him …

Rating : 4 stars of 5


Diane said...

The dynamic duo in action. I'm so used to seeing David and Ti Lung together in a movie, the wu xia movie without the two of them together made the film incomplete!
This one is filled with great swordsplay, the plot is good;it's really worth watching!

gordonofeast said...

Although with a thin story hedging on a simplistic plot, this all-male cast “Deadly Duo” is still a fun watch..