Thursday, October 2, 2008

412 REVIEW : ‘ The Dream Of The Red Chamber ‘ (1977)

‘ The Dream Of The Red Chamber ‘ (1977)

Cast : Lin Ching-hsia, Sylvia Chang
Director : Li Han-hsiang


A classic tale about the romance of Bao-yu and Dai-yu ! Marriage proved next to impossible to them when Bao-yu’s grandmother deliberately arranged for him to betrothed to his elderly cousin …

Rating : 2 ½ stars of 5


Diane said...

Ich habe DRC in Youtube gesehen und war ziemlich begeistert, da ich Brigitte Lin und Silvia Chang als gute Schauspielerinnen sehr schätze!
Die Kostüme, Kulissen und Musik waren alle sehr attraktiv und nett. Diese Novelle ist sehr berühmt in China und ist mehrmals als Film in verschieden Epochen gedreht worden.

I have seen this movie from Youtube and am quite impressed because I admire the acting talents of Brigitte Lin and Silvia Chang.
The costumes, background and music were very good. This is a very famous novel in China and has been made to films at different times.

ivan said...

I find the songs irksome doesn't help with the outlandish costumes and elaborate props. I would give it a low rating also. :)

Blackie007 said...

This is one of my favourite huang mei opera movies. I love Shaw Brothers' Huang Mei Opera movies. My mum adores them, and I guess I was influenced by her. :)

There are some which she didn't own, so this is like a special treat to me to see what she used to love.

You have a great blog, Lawrence (found you from your youtube a/c). Keep up the good work. I shall be visiting again and again to feast my eyes & ears on these great movies!! :)