Sunday, September 28, 2008

407 TAIWAN ROMANCE : ‘ Good Morning, Taipei ‘ - 早安台北

Good Morning, Taipei ‘ - 早安台北

Cast : Joan Lin, Kenny Bee
Director : Lee Hsing


A young man stopped his university education to pursue his singing career without his father’s knowledge. He was fully supported by his best pal’s girlfriend with whom he had a crush on …

早安台北 … 林凤娇,钟镇涛


钟镇涛扮演物理学教授的独子,喜欢弹吉他作曲演唱,借音乐来追寻未来的路。江明是与钟镇涛身世相反的好朋友. 林凤娇是广播节目“早安台北”的主持人,也是江明的女朋友。


Rating / 评价: 3 ½ stars of 5


Priscillia said...

This movie is mediocre, but the screen chemistry between Kenny and Joan Lin is excellent. They made a perfect match.

Diane said...

Yes indeed, Kenny and Joan have the right chemistry and this is their second movie together as a pair. Joanne (my sister) found this movie rather bland just like "Story of Little Town", but our opinion differ here. I love these two movies and have enjoy watching them over and over again!

Diane said...

Wow Lawrence, now you added the Chinese caption to your blog, that's wonderful!

yee1joyce said...


Thanks for posting this one, although I haven't seen it, it looks like a charming movie.
Diane, like you I really enjoyed the other classic that Kenny Bee and Lin Fong Chiao starred in together, "Story of a Small Town", very sweet story.

Thanks also for the Chinese commentary, you're so talented to post bilingual reviews!


always on my mind... said...

i love this movie

it s my favorite movie
in kenny bee movie

he so cool and lovely
when he play with joan lin^^