Wednesday, July 30, 2008

324 LOST CLASSIC : ‘ Swan Song ‘ … Part II

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Swan Song ‘ … Part II

Cast :
Chin Ping – Fanny
Kwan Shan – Tu Fan
Alison Chang – Annie
Ouyang Sha-fei – Fanny’s mother

Director :
Lo Jun

‘ Only three months to live with ‘, sniveled Fanny miserably. Though heartbroken, Fanny pretended everything as usual so as not to hurt her mother further. Days passed and one day the caring mother realized Fanny’s interest in Tu Fan. On a sudden whim, she decided to approach Tu Fan the next day.

Tu Fan was taken aback by the request of Fanny’s mother. She had implored Tu Fan to feign love towards her dying daughter. Looking at her tearstained face, puffy and swollen with grief, Tu Fan finally complied with her request. Fanny’s mother heaved a sign of relief and arranged a party to let Tu Fan get to know her daughter.

That night, the atmosphere in Fanny’s house was electrifying. The excited buzz of the crowd and the noisy band could be heard. Then Fanny’s sister Annie strode onstage, grasped the microphone and sang a new hit song.

Soon, Tu Fan arrived at the party and was formally introduced to Fanny. He was speechless with surprise when he saw her, for she was such a gentle and sweet lady. Meanwhile, Annie saw Tu Fan’s arrival. She was jealous of her parents’ over-concern love for Fanny, thus the rebellious girl determined to snatch away Fanny’s beloved …

To be continued …


Diane said...

Thanks Lawrence for filling this missing puzzle. I have watched this film long time ago, but have forgotten about it. It's a touching love story, I wish that this movie part 1 & 2 could be found on the market. It's a movie that I would like to watch over and over again. For the meantime, I'll just have to read Lawrence blog!

lawrence said...

Hi Diane,

Glad to see your response again.

For your info, this 'Swan Song' is just one movie. I have made into 4 parts to write out the story ... hehe ... trying to the best of my ability to write out a 'touching' Qiong Yao styled romance ... Haha ... Sorry for the confusion ...

Gordon said...
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Priscillia said...

Part 1 was captivating and part 2 made me thrill with excitement, wonder what could be the fate of the lovers.

Thanks Lawrence. Looking forward to your part 3 patiently.

Diane said...

Aha! So the part 3 is coming! Like a child waiting for continuation of story with much enthusiasm. Just like olden days when we listened to Ye Ye's (爷爷)story after dinner!