Sunday, July 27, 2008

319 LOST CLASSIC : ' Swan Song ... Part I '

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Swan Song Part I

Cast :
Chin Ping - Fanny
Kwan Shan - Tu Fan
Alison Chang - Annie
Owyang Sha-fei - Fanny's mother

Director :
Lo Chen

The sun poured through her window; the rays of the sunlight lit up her room. Another day had dawned, brought with it new hopes and aspirations. Fanny jumped out of her bed and went to her balcony with a spring in her step. With bated breath, she waited.

‘ Ooh! There he is, ‘ she whispered excitedly. Her neighbor Tu Fan had just walked out of his house, ready for work. Every day without fail, Fanny would stand by the balcony just to catch a glimpse of his sight. She was infatuated with the dashing man.

Fanny was a quiet and good-tempered girl. Her shinning hair fell to her shoulders, framing her small, oval face. Her eyes lit with pleasure whenever she saw Tu Fan. She was always in seventh heaven until the day a doctor came to her house.

That day, Fanny’s mother looked sad and woebegone. Her eyes glistened with tears. The doctor had confirmed Fanny’s incurable disease leukemia and she had only three months to live with. The sad mother pleaded him not to reveal the truth. Little did she know that Fanny was at the doorway and had overheard their conversation ...

To be continued ...


Stevyn said...

Interesting article. Wonder what will happen next in the story. Hope to see your future blog asap.. :P

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