Wednesday, July 9, 2008

294 SB SWORDSPLAY '60s : ‘ The Assassin ‘

‘ The Assassin ‘

Cast : Jimmy Wang Yu , Chiao Chiao
Director : Chang Cheh


Set in the period of the Warring States, an official planned to take revenge on a corrupted high-ranking premier for the murder of his son. Thus he went in search for the greatest assassin of the time, Nie Zheng who could accomplish the mission only after his mother’s death and his sister’s marriage ….

Rating : 4 stars of 5


Diane said...


王羽演一 位青年好漢,替国而亡。这影片很不错耶!

Amelia said...

I have watched this epic and enjoyed it very much.

This is a historic film of exceptional quality directed by prolific Director Chang Cheh. I sort of expected for every Chang Cheh's movie, there would be a dramatic finale with heroic death of his main lead. However, the way Wang Yu killed himself was not entirely pleasant, but horrific!

Having said that, the structure of the film is sophisticated and the process to reveal the entire plots is impressive. I particularly like the white costume worn by Wang Yu in the final scene, very clean and pure. A sign of bravery and courage. He (Wang Yu) knows what dire straits he is in, and he is ready to face it!

The supporting roles of Chiao Chiao (as Wang Yu's lover) and Li Siang Chin (as his sister) are also highly considered praiseworthy. It is something in their chemistry that draws Wang Yu, Chiao Chiao and Li Siang Chin irrevocably together.

One more actor that I would like to mention is Tien Fong. He seems to be holding up his kind character very well here and has delivered a nuanced performance.

All in all, good viewing!:)

terence said...

It is rare to see Li Hsiang-chun in such a good role. Shaw Brothers have obviously forgotten about her talents while promoting the new batch of younger actresses but she can outact the best of them or at least hold her own. Chiao Chiao is another good actress used to good effect in this movie. She should have been a bigger star with her acting talent.