Monday, February 13, 2012

1071 CREATION : 費玉清經典.. 迎接愛的時光

2012 情人節精選。。

費玉清經典.. 迎接愛的時光


當我和你相聚的時候 溫馨在心頭
看到你那純情的眼神 就不想分手

愛的光芒閃耀心房 再不會迷惘
有你相伴不再孤單 人生多燦爛

我要迎接愛的時光 美景要開創
我要珍惜愛的歲月 和你相依偎

我要和你緊緊把握 一時一刻
愛的天地 愛的時光 充滿新希望

A brief translation of the lyrics as follows:

I feel the warmth in my heart whenever we are together
I know I can’t leave you each time I see you in my eyes
Love sparkles in my heart and I am no longer lost
With you by my side, my life has become glamorous

I wana welcome this moment for love to start anew with you
I wana treasure this time for love to be with you
I wana be with you in every single moment
In this place of love, at this time to love and with new hopes ….

HaPpY VaLEnTiNE DaY ~~~

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