Sunday, March 28, 2010

825 April Delights ...

2010 April Delights...

Fast Forward ...

Forecast the following MVs to be release in the month of April ...

(1) A '80s Taiwan hit ... by Chen Su Hua

陈淑桦经典.. 浪迹天涯

(2) Another '80s Taiwan hit... by Fei Xiang

费翔经典.. 午夜星河

(3) A '90s sentimental hit ... by actor-singer Nicky Wu

吴奇隆经典.. 祝你一路顺风

(4) A '60s ~ '70s evergreen hit ... by Teresa Teng

邓丽君经典.. 路边的野花不要采

(5) A remake of the '60s sensational movie soundtrack.. by Zhuang Xue Zhong

庄学忠经典.. 访英台

(6) A '80s hit ... by Yin Hsia

银霞经典.. 问候歌

(7) A '80s movie " Spring In Autumn" soundtrack ... by Pao Zheng Fang

鲍正芳经典.. 天凉好个秋

(8) A '70s movie soundtrack " The Autumn Love Song " ... by Jenny Tseng

甄妮经典.. 秋歌

Note : The release of the MVs are subjected to changes ..

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