Monday, November 16, 2009

771 MOVIE RECAP : ‘ Clan Of Amazons ‘ - 陆小凤传奇之绣花大盗 ( Part 05 )

A ‘70s Shaw Classic

Clan Of Amazons ‘ - 陆小凤传奇之 绣花大盗

Cast :

Liu Yong as Lu Hsiao-feng
Ling Yun as Chin Chiu-ling
Ching Li as Hsueh Ping


Lu and Hsueh proceeded to seek help from a triad lead to gather more information about the bandit. The latter suspected that the culprit could be a group of women who were affiliated to the “Scarlet Embroidered Shoe “ clan and advised Lu and Hsueh to further investigate at a designated inn. There, they were confronted by an old woman who wore a pair of red embroidered shoes and Hsueh disappeared in the midst of the fight ….

( To be continued ... )

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