Friday, November 13, 2009

767 MOVIE RECAP : ‘ Clan Of Amazons ‘ - 陆小凤传奇之绣花大盗 ( Part 01 )

A ‘70s Shaw Classic …

Clan Of Amazons ‘ - 陆小凤传奇之 绣花大盗

Cast :

Liu Yong as Lu Hsiao-feng
Ling Yun as Chin Chiu-ling
Ching Li as Hsueh Ping


An inquisitive fighter cum detective was called upon to trail a dreaded bandit who had plunged the martial world into terror. The only clue was a piece of embroidered silk left behind after the bandit had wounded the victims …


… 刘永, 岳华, 凌云, 井莉, 施思




RECAP 01 :

The Imperial sheriff Chin Chiu-ling approached swordsman Lu Hsiao-feng to capture a dreaded bandit who had left only an embroidered handkerchief at the site of the crime …

( To be continued ... )

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