Saturday, October 10, 2009

747 MOVIE RECAP : “ The Last Woman Of Shang “ - 妲己 ( Part 01 )

A ‘60s Shaw Classic …

“ The Last Woman Of Shang “ - 妲己

Cast :

Lin Dai as Ta Chi
Pat Ting Hung as Chi Yen
Shin Yung-kyoon as King Chou


King Chou had vanquished all his neighboring states and ordered his minister to exact higher tributes from those states. However Chichow state was struck with famine and the Duke of Su had barely any tribute to offer to King Chou; thus annoyed King Chou who sent an army against Chichow state. He killed the Duke of Su and captured his daughter Ta Chi to be his concubine. As advised by her maid, Ta Chi schemed to use her beauty to avenge her father’s death and destroy King Chou ….

妲己 …林黛 , 丁红 , 申荣均






King Chou ordered his minister to exact tributes from the neighbouring states ….

( To be continued ... )

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