Saturday, September 12, 2009

729 MOVIE RECAP : ‘ We Love Millionaires ‘ - 我爱金龟婿 ( Part 01 )

A '70s Shaw Classic ...

We Love Millionaires ‘ - 我爱金龟婿

Cast :

Lily Ho ~ Ho Lan-hsi
Ling Yun ~ Kao Lang


Three young girls traveled from Hong Kong to Japan hoping to marry millionaire. There they met a few available but pretentious bachelors who thought the gals were wealthy ….

我爱金龟婿 … 何莉莉 , 凌云


抵达日本后, 三女就开始找她们心目中的「金龟婿」



Ho Lan-hsi and her two colleagues had dreamt of marrying wealthy men. Thus, they decided to visit Lan-hsi’s uncle who stayed in Osaka, hoping to meet some rich guys…

( To be continued ... )

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