Saturday, August 22, 2009

716 MOVIE RECAP : ‘ The Deadly Duo ‘ - 双侠 ( Part 01 )

A ‘70s Shaw Classic …

‘ The Deadly Duo ‘ - 双侠

Cast :

David Chiang ~ Pien Fu
Ti Lung ~ Pao Ting-tien


After the downfall of Sung dynasty, Prince Kang ( the only heir to the throne ) was taken captive by the Chin invaders. He was locked in a fortress heavily guarded by Chin warriors. Then it was up to two powerful patriots to overcome the odds and free him …

双侠 … 姜大衛 , 狄龍


因此引开了宋朝义士抗金救康王的英勇事跡 …


Pien Fu , Pao Ting-tien and their patriotic buddies planned to rescue the captured Prince Kang who was held hostage and guarded by the Chin troops .Their first obstacle was to cross a severely damaged bridge that linked to the Chin fortress... .

( To be continued ... )

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